Commute and learn

I know a few people that drive to work. Some because it’s near, other because they don’t like to use public transportation. I commute!

Tiago Morgado
1 min readFeb 4, 2017

There are many advantages in commuting, no traffic jams, no time wasted looking for a spot to park my car, no parking fines! I commute for about an hour every day, and I use that time to keep up with the news or learn something new!

Commuting time can be used to improve your skillset. Books, articles, podcasts, you can even take your laptop and watch some video tutorials and code something new. Perhaps start your side project!

The one recommendation that I can do is “don’t do it 5 days a week”. Take one day and enjoy your ride! Take a look through the window and relax. Listen to some music, or listen to other people talks, I know you shouldn’t do it but who cares! Probably most of the people will be listening to music or reading a book! I almost don’t see anyone talking these days on public transportation! If you feel comfortable start a conversation with someone next to you! Maybe that person can teach you something!