Haven’t you ever wonder where did you spend your time on? I know I do, most of my days it seems that I wake up, work, get back home, eat and sleep! The next day I do it all again. What happened between gets lost.

I know I spend time with my family, and friends, I try to take a long walk sometimes. I go to the gym, I read… but how much time do I spend doing all these things, and how much does it compares to the time I spend working or sleeping.

I have a lot of…

I’ll make it really short because this is old and almost everyone has written something about this, but the truth it that keeps coming back!!!

Are you really a Designer?

Please understand this! The same way that knowing how to use a light switch doesn’t make you an Electrician and knowing how to flush the toilet doesn’t make you a Plumber. Prefer blue over green doesn’t make you a Designer.

You may have good taste, and know what you like when you see it. …

Have you ever had that feeling that an idea you had might be the next big thing? Or at least a big thing! The thing that might change your life or the life of someone. If so, put it now to work!

A few years ago, I and a friend of mine noticed an opportunity for a service that would be useful, we could even make a profit with that project.
We started working on it but unfortunately, fate drove us to different paths and that idea remained cold til last year. …

When you meet someone you always analyse how that person looks, speaks or behaves in that moment, and you keep that moment recorded in your mind as a first impression of that person.

And it goes both ways, in that moment you know you are also being analysed and you try to make a good first impression on that person. Judgments are being made and impressions are being formed.

In a website it´s almost the same thing. When you enter a website for the first time it’s that first impression that makes you stay for a while or leave immediately. And you don’t even have to speak or make an excuse to leave in that moment.

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” — James Uleman, PhD, a psychology…

I know a few people that drive to work. Some because it’s near, other because they don’t like to use public transportation. I commute!

There are many advantages in commuting, no traffic jams, no time wasted looking for a spot to park my car, no parking fines! I commute for about an hour every day, and I use that time to keep up with the news or learn something new!

Commuting time can be used to improve your skillset. Books, articles, podcasts, you can even take your laptop and watch some video tutorials and code something new. Perhaps start your side project!

The one recommendation that I can do is “don’t do it 5 days a week”. Take one day and enjoy your ride…

Trainee, junior or senior. There are other labels but I’ll stick with this for now!

I believe that the internship is essential to get into the real work world with some margin for trial and error. Most designers that come out of school are used to work with the “tools of the trade” but there are some tips and tricks that you only learn by doing real work. And by real work, I mean real clients that bring real life problems.

You might have the luck to do your internship with a mentor that will teach you some shortcuts and motivate you to push yourself forward and beyond your comfort zone. …

Tiago Morgado

Design & Digital Creativity

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